The extended family

AKA jarrowz’s bikes.

Unfortunately, my bikes are far less glamorous.  They don’t have names and they are few in numbers.  Dare I say it, utilitarian……..

The Green One

My do everything, everyday bike.  It is a Giant Womens CRX Two.  It has done most things a bike can do – long roadie rides, roadie events, participation events,  hauling the groceries shopping, hauling my stuff touring, getting me to and from work commuting, 25km of dirt on a tour, sand on a wine tour and come back for more.  It’s also a good colour and has only had the rear cassette replaced recently after probably doing 5 000+km.  (I don’t usually ride with a bike computer)

The eBike

Probably doesn’t get out as much as it should/could.  It is a second generation electric pedal assisted after market kit I got from eLation, a Brisbane based home business that was on New Inventors.  The kit is mounted on a Giant Cypress bought for this purpose.  I’m a bit shy about taking this bike out as it is obviously an electric kit and I worry about it being vandalised.  I typically only use it for commuting when I am certain about where it will be locked up.  More to come about the ebike in a later post.


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