Sewing a cycling skirt

I have a Terry Flare skort and it is a wonderful fun cut.  I wish it had removable knicks so I could wear it over other pairs of knicks instead of just the inbuilt ones.  Not that the chamois in the knicks isn’t great, it is, but you can rewear a skirt before you can rewear knicks.

So, I decided to sew my own.  I got out my Terry skort and did some measurements of the existing skirt part to make myself a pattern.  I used some scrap A4 paper, a ruler and tape measure to throw together a rudimentary pattern.

I had some fabric spare from when friends came over to sew convertible dresses.  The fabric was some ultra stretchy plastic (can’t remember which type), perfect for sporting attire.  This pattern, at my size, used about 1 square metre of fabric.

Like all patterns, I cut out all the pieces first and over locked and finished the edges of the pocket piece.  I then sewed on the pockets to the two side panels.

Using the overlocker, I then attached the sides to the front.

Overlocked the sides to the back and sewed elastic compartments into the waistband.

Overlocked the waistband on and sewed down all the overlocked seams for a flat feel against the skin and because it looked cool.  I had to put in a few gathers in to the skirt because I had made it a bit too large.  They are barely noticeable.

I fed some thick but soft feel elastic through the waistband and sized it up.  Hemmed it up and it was ready to go!

Fantastic!  The project took me an afternoon and evening.  It probably cost about $15-$20 for that amount of fabric, elastic, cotton, etc.  Mainly, because of the cost of that fabric.

If you are interested in making your own skort, Jalie have a pattern for it.  Craftster also have a stack of skirt patterns submitted and created by users, many of which would be perfect and fun for getting out on the bike.


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