A great day out – Cowan to Calga by bike

It was a stunning day today.  Overcast and cool, but not a raindrop in sight.  I joined four other ladies at Cowan Station, for a cruise to Calga.  http://www.mapmyride.com/s/routes/view/bike-ride-map/australia/cowan/6084831

The riding is stunning.  Two significant sets of hills in 54 kms.  The first climb, up Mt White, is quite steep, but short (3.8 kms or so), with most of the elevation gain in the first km or so.  The second climb, back up off the Brooklyn bridge, is much more steady, and a bit longer.

The scenery is fabulous.  For the most part, you’re riding through the bush, on quiet roads.  The F3 also goes up that way, so most people in a hurry take the freeway.

Quiet roads in the bush at Mt White

After a stop into Pie in the Sky a local favourite for a latte and apple pie, we rolled back down into Cowan.

Pie in the Sky

All in all, a very nice ride with a great bunch of ladies!


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