DIY Bicycle Skirt Garter

Skirt garters are such a cute but sassy way to get that skirt to stay were it is supposed to on the bike.  You might have all of the components required already at home!  But if you don’t, they are easy to pick up, cheap and you will have enough stuff to make one for yourself and one for your best mate.

What you will need to make 2 skirt garters:

  • 1 pair of stay ups (hold ups) pantyhose – the ones with the silicone band around the thigh
  • 1 pair of bra straps
  • 1 pair of clips from braces/suspenders
  • needle and thread

Firstly, unpick or cut the stocking part from the silicone banded part.  Unpicking can be a bit intense on the eyes so make sure you have lots of light and a sharp unpicker.  But if you couldn’t be bothered or don’t have an unpicker, just cut off the stocking and leave the silicon bands with as much “lace” as you wish to use.

Next, thread the suspenders clip on to the bra strap.  Do a couple of test runs with the clip and the strap to make sure you have the clip facing the desired direction and that the bra strap is long enough.  The bra strap will give you a bit of adjustment on the length of the clip.  Give this length a good testing.  Too short is more manageable than too long.  Too long and it will be unwieldy and obvious.  Too short and the worst that happens is that you will have to move the garter up or down your leg.  The shortest length your strap can be will be the distance between the clip and the slider.

Keeping the bra strap intact, hand stitch the bra strap on to the seam of the silicone band.  The seam is the strongest part of the band and gives you something to line up the strap to.  Once you have sewn on the bra strap and are happy with the length, cut off the excess.

You are all done!  Now to make that second one for your mate!


2 thoughts on “DIY Bicycle Skirt Garter

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