I rode illegally and regretted it

Tonight, I rode home from work illegally and got away with it.  But deeply regretted it.  I pride myself in being a very by the book rider, if a bit pusher with cars than most cyclists.  But this was a huge oversight on my behalf.

I was working a bit later than I usually do and the time flew by.  When I looked up, it was way past my usual home time.  Whilst I was packing up and getting ready to leave, I realised I didn’t have my lights set.  It was on my other bike!  Noooo!  There was a bit of light left and I thought I would be fine.  When I left, only a few cars had their lights on.  But by the time I got home, it was all cars with their lights.

So, I was wearing a white business shirt, had reflectors on the handlebar, seat post, wheels, on my bag, on my helmet, on my ankle cuffs and was riding in a fairly well lit area with street lights.

But what really burned me up was the possibility of that if anything had gone wrong and a driver had pulled out and hit me and stated that they didn’t see me that there would have been a remote possibility that they might have been right.  Even though they probably didn’t look or care to look or give way and I was wearing hight visibility everything and riding in a well lit area that I had given them a plausible excuse for getting out of their driving responsibilities.  I was angry at myself to allow such a thing to happen.

So a cautionary tale.  Always bring you lights!


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