Ride to Work Checklist

I’m an old hand at the riding to work thing.  But when I was just starting out there was a lot of things to think about and some of them seemed like real impediments.  So here is a list of things to consider when you are wanting to try out riding to work.  After the cut…..

Quick Bike Check

Do you have:

  • working brakes?
  • a bell?
  • reflectors?
  • lights (if required)?
  • an approved helmet


  • are you familiar with the chosen route?
  • are you able to ride to work, do a days work and ride home?
  • consider a test run on a non work day if you haven’t ridden the route before
  • have you identified any particularly hazardous locations? tricky corners, pot holes, train tracks, traffic lights, blind corners, limited road shoulder, shared use areas
  • can these hazards be avoided by changing the route?
  • if you live quite far from work, consider using your bike plus the car or public transport
  • does your public transport allow bicycles?

Your Stuff

  • does your bike have a basket or pannier to carry your stuff?
  • do you have a backpack / satchel to carry your stuff?
  • have you tried riding with these bags before?
  • is you bag weather proof in case it rains?


  • do you feel fit and well?
  • are you familiar with the road rules?
  • are you confident operating your bike?


  • do you want to wear your work clothes on the bike?
  • can you transport your work clothes?
  • how crushable are your work clothes?
  • do you require an iron?
  • how do you feel about getting wet in your riding clothes?
  • do you require rain gear?

End of Trip Facilities

Bike racks

  • do they exist?
  • where are they located? out in the elements, undercover car park, locked car park
  • what type are they?  front wheel in, frame loops (best)
  • what type of lock(s) will be required? cable lock (required for front wheel racks), U lock (best security but only suitable for frame loops or poles), both
  • do you have any accessories that are easily removed or require securing?
  • what alternatives do you have? store room / office / parking lot / basement / shed
  • is it safe to leave the bike there for an extended period? is access limited? CCTV? high traffic?


  • will you require a shower?
  • does a shower exist?
  • do you have shower equipment at work? towel, soap, toothbrush, etc
  • do you have access to a location to store these items?

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