Lazer City Zen Helmet

My retail therapy urges outdid my practical sense (and maybe my sense of fiscal responsibility) and I bought the helmet!  One in blue (for me) and one in red (for Nat).

Thanks to Hugh at City Bike Depot for giving me a good deal.

Since I now own this helmet, I can post a few more pics of it (I felt a bit silly taking photos in the shop)

Retention system

The retention system is basic, and a bit clunky, but does the job.  It’s the standard “wind the dial up” type job.

Vents in the helmet

As I said in my initial review, the helmet is hot.  This is a pic of the vents – you can see the vents are quite small and covered in fabric.

One note.  On the website, it says that they come in two sizes.  They only brought one into Australia.  The helmet sticker says “Unisize, 54-61cm”

Helmet sticker says "Unisize"

But, all of that aside, I still think it’s cool.  I love it.  And at a RRP of about $100, it’s not like you’re buying a $300 Giro Atmos or anything.  I’ll update the blog with my ongoing thoughts on this helmet as time goes by.


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