Cycling in Queensland – Survey

The Queensland Department of Transport is running a survey about cycling facilities – bike paths, bike lanes, shared areas.  The information used will go towards the development of guidelines and policies for cycling infrastructure investment.

It focuses on your comfort levels cycling in a variety of situations.  How you feel about passing pedestrians, other cyclists, being delayed and how often would you tolerate these interactions in a commute.  You were required to choose from scenarios A or B where they would differ in number of interactions with pedestrians and cyclists as well your overall hypothetical commute time.

The second part focuses on how you feel cycling in various places – on roads with parking, on a bike lane, on a green painted bike lane, on a bike way, on a separated bike lane.  It also go through these activities with different traffic levels – buses, trucks, cars and speeds they are doing.  It also had the scenarios A and B but gave you different choices of cycling roads – say green painted bike line on high traffic road with parking vs no bike lane, no parking, low traffic.

Finally, there is also a section on any accidents you have had.  I can’t tell you much about this section as I didn’t fill it out as I haven’t had any accidents.

If you ride in Queensland, please go fill it out here.  YouTube access is required as it shows you a few videos of various scenarios.  It is also a bit of a longish survey so might be one for home.


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