New Helmet! First impressions Lazer CityZen

My new Lazer Sport CityZen helmet arrived in the post yesterday from Steff.  My regional town has limited bike shop options and unfortunately, none of them stocked this one.


So, today, I gave it a test run on the work commute.  My regular work commute is just over 8kms one way and today it was about 20° with 50% humidity according to BOM when I left the house.  It felt warmer than that though.  It was about 25° with 40% humidity on the way home from work.

First impressions.  The helmet feels large probably because it is a skatey one size fits all jobbie.  I have never worn a skatey type helmet so I don’t know if this is a factor or not.  I currently have a 230g Met helmet and the CityZen is almost twice the weight.  I think I did notice the extra size and weight a bit on head movements and bumps but it also might have been a bit of over-sensitivity and trying to look for it.  And like Steff said, the helmet is a very spherical shape and I did have gaps between the helmet and my head above the ears.  That being said, the retention dial does hold well and comfortably, allowing quick and easy adjustment when required.

For all its largeness, it generated some interest at work and even a compliment.

I think if you had a large pony tail, the retention system might be a bit uncomfortable or cause the helmet to be a poor fit.  This is due to the dial being right where I would put a low pony tail – right under the bulge at the back of your head.  But on the up side, the helmet does look very cute with long hair worn out.  Probably a try before you buy if you are a regular pony tailer.

The brim seems fairly functional.  It looks a bit larger than the one on my Met and was a good sun shade when riding in to the afternoon sun.

Temperature.  Most reviews out there mention the helmet is hot.  And to some extent this is true.  Is it hotter than my conventional helmet?  Yes, it is warmer.  Is it sweat inducingly hot where it must be removed before your heat spontaneously combusts?  Not even close.  I felt that if it was hot, you were going to be hot anyway and yes, this helmet would probably contribute a bit to that but not overwhelmingly so.  Full disclosure, I’m pretty good with extreme temperature in general……. YMMV

So, I’ve ridden a grand total of 16kms in the helmet and so far so good.


2 thoughts on “New Helmet! First impressions Lazer CityZen

  1. Well, after a good few months and many many kms, I can confirm that the helmet is still going well and is my daily compulsory wear.

    I’ve cycle toured with it, rode in the rain and taken some magpie impacts and the helmet still looks good as new. It hasn’t faded yet with all the direct hot sun nor has the fabric been abraded by many trips in boxes, bags and sharp magpie beaks.

    In the rain, it actually does a very good job of keeping the rain out of your eyes as well as off your head because of the large brim and lack of big holes.

  2. Update! Still in use. Still holding together well. Has handled the hot and wet season quite well with some very torrential rain and some 35°C plus temperatures.

    I don’t know if this is a pro or a con (probably both!), I was pulled up by the police today whilst wearing this helmet and they asked if I was wearing a helmet. They were very polite when I took it off and showed it to them.

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