What to put in a saddle bag

I don’t always ride with a saddle bag.  If I have panniers, I prefer to use them to carry stuff.  Also, when I’m commuting, I rarely use one because I don’t want to leave the bag on the bike if I lock the bike up somewhere and someone help themselves to the contents.  So, I mainly use the saddle bag for longer rides where the aim of the ride is just to ride.  I guess a training ride or just a joy ride.

What you put in your saddle bag is up to you.  But here are some suggestions and ideas as to what will fit in a saddle bag.

I have two saddle bags.  A regular sized on and a large expandable one.  The photos have a 30cm ruler for size comparison.

What I put in my regular saddle bag:

  • spare tube
  • tyre levers
  • keys
  • money
  • cards
  • thin lock

Extras that fit in the large saddle bag:

  • swimmers
  • sports towel
  • phone


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