Mini Track Pump Review – Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HPG

So what do you get when you cross a track pump and a hand pump?  A mini track pump!

This type of pump is perfect for travelling and cycle tours.  It is the best of both worlds being both small and portable but has a higher capacity cylinder and a pressure gauge.  My Lezyne Micro Floor Drive pump has been on quite a few trips.  It is the first thing in the box or pannier when going on a trip.


  • 190 grams
  • 300mm long
  • 600mm hose
  • pressure gauge to 120 psi (8 bar)
  • screw type attachment to tube valve
  • both presta and schrader valve types (have to swap over)
  • foot peg
  • bike mount attachment

Firstly, the pump is quite a stylish and compact unit.  It is well made and has minimal plastic components.  At 190g, it is easy to put it in the bag and forget about until it is needed or to re-inflate those tyres after their plane trip.

The screw on attachment to the valve is very easy to use and I think actually requires less effort than most of the push on and lock type pump heads.  This is also better for your valve as you don’t have the large forces trying to attach it and the heavy head trying to torque it off when you are pumping.

The pumping action is smooth but the very small handle is bit hard on the hands especially when trying to get to those higher pressures.  I think if you had weaker hands or some limited hand mobility, this pump could be very awkward or painful to use.  This isn’t a track pump, so, you will be pumping for a while for a full inflation.

The gauge is very handy and the major divisions are 10psi apart with minor divisions every 5psi.  Because it is an in line gauge, it can be a bit hard to read.  You can tell where the red band indicates but the actual fine measurement is quite small.  If you have poorer eye sight, you might have to rely upon other methods to check correct pressure.  I also worry if the gauge plastic gets dirty, gets scratched or ages opaque, that it could be quite hard to read.

The foot peg is a great addition to the pump and greatly improves stability.  Although, because the footprint is quite small and mostly metal, you have to be careful on some surfaces both for the unit slipping around and scratching the floor.  The pump doesn’t stand up on its own.

The company have a good warranty procedure and product backing.  There was a leak in the hose and they replaced it for free.

I don’t use this as my primary pump at home but you could.  I also don’t use it as the pump to take on casual rides attached to the bike but you could.  I use it as a travel and touring pump and this is probably its best purpose.  This pump’s greatest advantages are its small size and light weight with a gauge and capable of high pressure.  If you wanted one pump that would do everything – portable, higher volume, high pressure, gauge – this would have to be high up the list.


One thought on “Mini Track Pump Review – Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HPG

  1. Ah, that pump! The one that ate one of my valves in Biloela, as I recall…

    I admit, it was undoubtedly pilot error. I’m sure you’re correct in that it should be friendlier on valves than the lever-style ones, but I’ve never wrecked a tube with one of those. 🙂 I’d look seriously at this or similar pumps for unsupported touring, for sure.

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