What I wore on the bike today

Now, although we often say, you don’t need to wear lycra on the bike, I have to confess, I usually do.  Doesn’t matter if I pedal 5 kms, or 100kms, I usually wear knicks, and some kind of synthetic fabric.  Sure, I might wear fancy stuff over the top of my knicks, but I generally always wear them.

I couldn’t really tell you why, it’s probably more of a habit then anything else.  So, with the purchase of my new helmet, I decided it was time to make a break from tradition.  Today, I didn’t wear knicks!

I was only riding 10 kms (5 kms each way), so it’s not as if I really needed much in the way of padding on my bum.  So, I wore board shorts, a long sleeved cotton tee shirt (shock horror – cotton!) and my beautiful new helmet.

Verdict?  I didn’t dissolve, my clothing didn’t fall off, and my butt didn’t disintegrate even though I wasn’t wearing knicks and technical fabrics.  I still think that for long rides, it’s much more comfortable to wear a bit of padding and a fabric that wicks, but for short rides?  It definitely beats having to get dressed again when you get there.


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