Cycle Queensland, ready to go

Wow, so it’s finally here. I fly up to Brisbane tonight, to get the bus out to Goondiwindi on Friday, to start riding on Saturday.

It’s come around so fast. Every year, when CQ finishes, I’m left with a gentle feeling of regret, that it’s another full 12 months before we get to do it all over again. Yet the time seems to pass by so quickly. Has it already been 12 months since we said goodbye in Bundaberg? Wow. I guess it’s a sign that I’m getting older.
How am I feeling about it all? I’m excited to see old friends, and meet new ones. I’m apprehensive. I’m not as fit as I’d like to be – thanks to work commitments, a sprained ankle, and general laziness. I’m hoping that the kms don’t hurt too much. I’m also hoping that I’ve packed the right stuff. Carrying panniers makes you rationalise all your gear – I’m hoping I’ve gotten the right combination of weight saving, and comfort. Plus I’m hoping that my bike will get to the start line with all pieces in tact.

Overall though? I’m just looking forward to 9 days with friends. Old ones, and ones I haven’t met yet. So if you see two girls, on bikes (with rear panniers, and wearing non-lycra clothing), stop and have a chat. We’ll try and blog as internet allows.

See you all soon!


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