Brisbane to Gold Coast 2011 – 9 Oct 2011

The Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge is a favourite event of mine.  It is Queensland’s biggest bike ride and attracts thousands of riders out there giving it a go.  It is not a race and there are no prizes for first.  Just a giant, mass participation event to raise some funds for charity and give yourself a challenge to crack that 100km barrier.  There is also a 60km option if you don’t want to do the 100km ride.

The day usually has a progressive start from South Bank in Brisbane to spread the riders out on the course.  You then wind your way southbound through two rest stops with provided food and water.  Then on to the Gold Coast!  At the end of the day, there is some freebies, markets and entertainment as well as self satisfaction of a fun day out on the bike with thousands of your mates.

Getting home to Brisbane isn’t too taxing with both train and bus options available and transportation organised by BQ.

100km seems like a long way but you have plenty of time to do the distance as well as plenty of cycling friends along the way to ride with and keep you motivated.  There are prizes just for entering as well as fund raising for the charities.


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