Cycle Qld 2011 Stanthorpe Rest Day

After a wonderful 3 days on the bike, we are in Stanthorpe for our rest day.

So, the tour so far.

Day 1: A cool morning saw us registering and reassembling our bikes then heading to a local cafe for breakfast. The usual mass start had us all on the road just after 12. We headed down the main street with locals and supporters cheering us on. Strong tail winds kept the pace high and we roared in to lunch. A long flat straight finished off a very flat day as we arrived in to Yelarbon. A quick lap of town consisting of the pub, post office, home crafts and a cafe lead to cupcakes.

Day 2: A frosty start kept the early risers in bed til after 6am. Another flat day with glorious trail winds. The scenery was amazing as we left the eastern most desert in Australia with some unique plants and birds. A final small hill in to Texas where the shops opened specially on Sunday for us CQ visitors.

Day 3: The hundred! Most got going early, eager to get on the road and make a start. Early steep hills with some spectacular views warmed up the legs before morning tea at 30km. More rolling hills to a well earned lunch at 65km. The chocolate muffins were well appreciated. Then the undulations continued through the final rest stop and in to Stanthorpe. It was a fairly tough day in the saddle. All on the ride gave it their best with most making it to lunch. The day was capped off with a concert just for us by local legend James Blundell.

Day 4: Today is rest day. Many have opted for some great tours of the region including wines, fruit, cheese and scenery. We decided to take it easy with a second breakfast in town and cruised the local shops. Many of the town had put on something special for their 800 strong cycling visitors with food, specials and market stalls.

Tomorrow on to Kilarney.


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