Getting to Gundi

Getting to Gundi – pre day 1, CQ 2011 Today the journey really began. I awoke early, excited to be finally heading out. A friend kindly lent me her car and I headed out to the airport to pick up Nat and Ryan. After a quick shopping stop to pick up essentials such as sunscreen, lip balm and the obligatory Ferrero Rochers (it’s a bit of an tradition we have), and a stop at Malaya Corner at Sunnybank for lunch with old friends, it was time to head into the Roma St transit centre. We arrived at the Roma St transit centre to the tune of bucketing rain and unloaded our gear and headed upstairs. The CQ crew were easy to spot – plenty of bags, technical fabrics and lots of bike boxes. We said hello to a few faces we recognised from last year, and nodded to a whole lot of new faces. After loading the bus in reverse order of dropoffs, it was time to head off. We drove out of the rain into a beautiful blue sky at Boonah, complete with rainbow adding a touch of glamour to the sky. 2 ½ hours later, we were at Warwick. Sadlly the roadhouse we stopped at really wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of three coaches that converged on the roadhouse at the same time. The three staff there were a bit overwhelmed, but did their best in the circumstances. Sadly, it put us proably 20 mins behind schedule as we had to wait for our ordered food before leaving. Anyhow, we drove on through green, flat farming fields into a glorious orange sunset. After dropping the vollies off at Yarlebon (they were setting up for the end of day one of the ride) we arrived in Goondiwindi. Goondiwindi was bursting at the seams. I’m always amazed at how 800 extra people can really swell out a town. After dragging our luggage through the streets, it was time to settle in. I’m hoping I brought enough warm clothing. They’re predicting frost in the next couple of mornings. I guess that’s the problem when you carry all your own gear (we’re carrying our own gear in panniers instead of onhe truck) – you tend to get a bit stingy about what you bring. Oh well, if I get too cold, I’ll go find an op shop, and buy some more clothing. I’m hoping that all the bits of my bike are in one piece and that I haven’t left my front wheel or other piece of critical equipent on my floor at home. Anyhow, tomorrow should be a great day. 57 kms, mostly flat to Yarlebon. A nice little spin of the legs to get into the feel of things.


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