Cycle Qld 2011 – Fashions in the field

Well, what a wonderful Cycle Queensland.  Some of the best and most scenic touring I have ever done as well as a wonderful time with friends.  I’ll do another post about the actual tour but this post is going to be a gratuitous photo post on some of the clothes we wore on CQ.

We certainly had a lot of fun making/selecting the outfits and buying some additional pieces along the way.  The op shop at Killarney was a real stand out as it was one of the best stocked and organised ones I had ever been in.

The outfits attracted a lot of attention and hopefully a few new readers – hello to you out there!  Thanks to everyone on CQ who commented or said hello because of what we were wearing.  It was a real conversation starter and certainly made our trip.  We love talking to everyone!  Also a special mention to those who are now reconsidering what you can wear on the bike.  As I’m sure you can see below, pretty much anything is suitable!

Day 1: Goondiwindi to Yelarbon 57km 15°C

Kathamandu travel dress plus handmade armwarmers.

Day 2: Yelarbon to Texas 65km 17°C

Kathmandu travel shirt, skirt, handmade arm warmers.

Day 3: Texas to Stanthorpe 100km 14°C

Photo courtesy of BQ's Facebook

Cat in a Hat jersey, Terry Flare skort.

Day 5: Stanthorpe to Killarney 86km 20°

Handmade dress, handmade arm warmers.

Day 6: Killarney to Woodenbong 54km

Red shirt and black polka dot skirt bought at Killarney Op Shop.

Day 7: Woodenbong to Boonah 88km 29°C

White blouse and orange cotton dress bought from Woodenbong Op Shop.

Day 8: Boonah to Rosewood 68km 31°C

Rewear of the Kathmandu dresses, san arm warmers.  Hickory bike is owned by CEO of Bike NSW.

Day 9: Rosewood to Brisbane 52km 32°C

Rewear red shirt from Killarney Op Shop, handmade skirt


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