DIY Panniers

I’ve always thought our panniers really let the team down on the fashion stakes.  They always seem a bit utilitarian rather than a nice stand out piece.

Now there are quite a few companies that make nice pannier bags as can be seen on our Stylish Bike Gear page but some can be a little pricey.  Wouldn’t it be nice to actually convert your favourite bag in to a pannier?

This Instructables tutorial has some easy to follow steps on making your favourite canvas tote in to a pannier.

Do a lot of runs to the shops and don’t know what to do with those extra green bags?  This Bike Hack tutorial shows how to turn two reusable grocery bags in to a set of double fold flat panniers.  How convenient.  Also very cheap!

Need to take a laptop to work or a satchel?  This tutorial from Over the Bars in Wisconsin shows how to add hooks and attachments to your bag to make it stay.  It is a very simple and stylish solution.

Most of the above solutions require a bit of hardware knowledge and some bits and pieces.  If that isn’t your style, Arkel make an attachment kit ready to go that will work for most bag types even buckets and boxes.  Kits include all that is needed to attach to a bag as well as handy features like handles and shoulders strap mount points.

If you don’t like hooky and pokey bits, Velcro tabs, loops of fabric, webbing or leather, straps and clips or buckles can be added to your bag to attach to your rack.  This post from Upcraft shows how to sew your own pannier from scratch but the velcro tabs could be adapted to any bag for a conversion.

So, after browsing all these sites, I’m keen to give it a go.


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