How to reassemble your bike

Well, since I’ve just got my bike back from the courier from Cycle Qld, I thought I’d do a quick post on bike reassembly.  This post is targeted to bikes that were transported in a cardboard bike box.  If you have a bike bag or some other arrangement, your mileage may vary.

I pulled out all of my bike bits and put them together.  They consist of the frame plus rear wheel, the handlebars dangling by the cables, the front wheel, the pedals and the seat.  I have removed all the packaging and padding that was used to protect the bike.

To reassemble my bike I required:

  • 6mm Allen/hex key
  • 15mm spanner

Depending on your componentry, you may require different tools.

Firstly, I put on the front wheel.  This gives the bike some stability as well as a level platform to work with.  There are handy instructions here on how to do this.

Next, on to the handlebars.  I unscrewed the stem plate with the allen key.  Some bikes may not have to remove this entirely but it is probably easier to fit the handlebars in with it off.

Once removed, I put the handlebars in and reinserted the screws.  Tighten each of the screws a bit at a time so that they are evenly tensioned.  Then do a final alignment check and tighten.  Don’t do up the screws super tight, they will be too hard to remove later or damage maybe caused.  Just a nice firm tightness.

While you are up the front, re-engage your front brakes and check all your gear changing and braking apparatus is working.

Time for the seat.  The seat is the easiest part.  I unflipped the quick release lever, poked the post back in and flipped the lever back.  If any fine adjustment is required to make the seat hold tighter or to loosen it up so it can be tightened, you can use the dial on the opposite side to the lever.

Finally the pedals.  Pedals are usually marked L and R.  The L is for your left foot and the R for your right foot.  You can see in the pictures below the L stamped next to the thread.

The pedals screw in the same way as you would pedal your bike which is handy so you can’t pedal off your pedals!  These pedals also have a handy arrow to tell you which way is tighter.  It’s a bit hard to see but on the black plastic is the word “Tighten” and and arrow pointing right.

You may want to use the spanner at this point to tighten up the pedals.  Again not too tight just firm.  Copy with the other pedal.

Finally, pump up your tyres.

And we are done!  I took my bike for a quick test run around the back yard to make sure everyone was working correctly.


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