Gear Review – Louis Garneau Santa Cruz Skort

I thought I’d do a little review of one of my cycling skorts.

I got this skort a few months ago (from Team Estrogen) to cover up my lycra.

The skirt is a wrap around style, with a velcro tab protecting your modesty, and a webbing  buckle to hold it all down.  On first impressions, the pattern is not as obvious as in the picture – it is there, however it looks like a plain black skirt.

The skort is quite short (I’m only 160cms, and the skirt still comes mid thigh).  The fit is pretty easy, thanks to the velcro tab and buckle which makes the skirt super adjustable.

The knicks are a mesh type liner pair, that are pretty short (to hide under the skort).  You probably wouldn’t want to wear them as an outer layer however, as they are pretty seethrough.  The chamois is bright orange (which I think is quite fun).  It’s quite thin, but moulded, and for me, quite comfortable.  They are held in via a couple of little button snaps, and pop out quite easily.


The chamois (don’t worry, it’s clean)

I think the skort is awesome.  It covers up the lycra really nicely.  I’ve worn it on some long rides (80-100 kms), and it seems to not get into the way.  The only thing is, that because it’s a wrap around skirt, the flap tends to fall open when you ride – it’s probably more of an attractive ‘off the bike’ than ‘on the bike’ skort, however you could probably fix it with a press stud or two.

The blurb says that the skirt is suitable for mountain biking, however I’m not so sure. I think it’s certainly durable enough, however I can imagine trying to get off the back of the saddle, and getting it caught in the rear wheel.

In summary?  For road riding – it’s fantastic.  Really comfortable and I think it looks great.


3 thoughts on “Gear Review – Louis Garneau Santa Cruz Skort

  1. I really like this skort – I have been looking for something to cover up a bit when hitting the shops or cafes on long rides. I was thinking about whipping something up on the sewing machine, since I’m still a bit heftier than I’d like to be, and there’s nothing like some new exercise gear to get you motivated 🙂

  2. I should also have said – I prefer longer knicks, not crazy about the super short ones, so I think I’d prefer a separate cover rather than built-in knicks.

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