How to lube your bike chain

Maybe you’ve just cleaned up your chain, maybe it’s rained a lot, maybe you’ve got a lot of riding coming up, maybe it’s something you haven’t done in a while.  Time to lube your chain!  Don’t worry, this is a very easy task to do!

Lubing your chain reduces the friction between the chain and the other components.  This reducing the scraping and reduces the amount of wear caused by normal use.  Regular lubing will extend the life of your bike.  You should lube your chain when it loses that oily sheen.


  • Chain lube
  • Rag (optional to catch drips)

It’s best not to lube your chain right before going for a ride because the fresh lube will pick up loads of dirt.  Lube after you have been for a ride or a time where your bike can sit and let it soak in for a little while.

Hold the lube bottle above the chain.  Aim for the chain below the back triangle as you have the best access to this part.  Gently pedal backwards whilst letting the lube dribble slightly on to the chain.  You don’t need much so be stingy on it.  You can hold a rag underneath to catch any drops but you shouldn’t be using that much lube anyway.  Do a few full rotations of the pedals to make sure you have done the whole chain.

Finally, run the lube bottle over the back cassette, just touching each gear ring, only using a tiny amount.  And you are done!


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