Magpie Season

After getting swooped twice on the way to work this morning, I guess it is Magpie season.

For those who don’t know, the Australian Magpie is a medium sized, black and white, predominately insectivorous bird who nest in spring.  A small number of nesting individuals rigorously defend their nesting territory and swoop intruders – predominately cyclists seem to be the prime, but not only, target.  These birds often do multiple swoops, beak snapping and, in rare occasions, make contact.  Swooping is most active in September and October.

BQ has a great article with tips on avoiding a swooping magpie and includes the most important tip to always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.  Especially, after the tragic sight loss reported in the news last week.

There is conflicting evidence over what will actually prevent an attack so best to just avoid those routes where birds are active if possible.


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