Ode to the Wobbly Cyclist

I say bring on the havoc. Bring on the wobbly cyclists.

Thank you wobbly cyclists all around the world for helping to tame the beasts on our streets from endangering us.

Absolutely love this quote from this Urban Country article talking about the pros of bike sharing schemes unleashing the wobbly masses on to our roads.


Ditching the Car

An interesting opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about trends on people moving away from the car.  The stats in the article show that car take up isn’t keeping pace with population growth and the number of people obtaining a driving licence is dropping.  It talks about how driving has, in recent times, been the default position in society and even a coming of age milestone but several factors are starting to erode that ideal.

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Brisbane City Cycle again


Another trip to Brisbane gave me the pleasure of another go at the Brisbane’s bike share scheme Citycycle. I’ve done a more in depth review previously so this will mostly be about my experience this time.

This trip I hadn’t really planned to use it but an opertunity came up where its use was both convenient and cheap. So I signed up on my phone and got to it. Or I would have if it wasn’t for compulsory helmet laws.

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Queensland Cycling Strategy 2011-2012

In September, the Queensland Government released its cycling strategy for the next two years.  The strategy sets out what the Queensland Government will be doing to promote cycling for this period.

This post is going to be on my thoughts and general musing around the cycle strategy and as such, isn’t really in a narrative format.  More dot pointy and some times ranty.  You have been warned!

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Spring Cycling

The weather in regional Queensland over the past weeks has been pretty unamiable to cycling.  Windy weather with 30km/h and gusts up to 60km/h with it either being rainy or threatening to rain.  Other than that, cloying humidity has been a bit of a staple.

But all that discouraging weather aside, I’ve seen more people out cycling than ever!  And not those out on roadies going for a training ride.  People actually commuting!  Many even in what I assume is their work uniforms – office wear, smart casual or high visibility work wear.  Every day this week I have seen at least 3 other commuters and up to 10 one afternoon trip.  For this municipality and my 1/3 back streets route, that is a lot on a 20min ride!

It is really heartening and shows that cycling is becoming more popular when normal people are out their doing their every day business via cycling in some pretty testing conditions.

Happy Ride to Work Day!

Happy Ride to Work Day, everyone!  Hopefully, you had a pleasant journey to work today on your bike.

A very humid day presented those who gave riding to work a go in my town today!  Over 80% humidity for the prime riding time.  It seems that my town wasn’t alone.  I had a quick look over at BOM and found that most of Queensland rode to work on a very humid morning!  Congrats to all who gave it a go.  Some tough conditions.

We had 23 people from my work riding this morning.  A good number hadn’t ridden to work before or didn’t regularly ride to work.  Some even borrowed a bike for the event.  Nationally, Ride to Work had over 150 000 people register for the event.

Today’s bike outfit was the Ride to Work t-shirt with my work slacks and my new shoes.

Hopefully, everyone who gave it a go will continue to ride to work!