Spring Cycling

The weather in regional Queensland over the past weeks has been pretty unamiable to cycling.  Windy weather with 30km/h and gusts up to 60km/h with it either being rainy or threatening to rain.  Other than that, cloying humidity has been a bit of a staple.

But all that discouraging weather aside, I’ve seen more people out cycling than ever!  And not those out on roadies going for a training ride.  People actually commuting!  Many even in what I assume is their work uniforms – office wear, smart casual or high visibility work wear.  Every day this week I have seen at least 3 other commuters and up to 10 one afternoon trip.  For this municipality and my 1/3 back streets route, that is a lot on a 20min ride!

It is really heartening and shows that cycling is becoming more popular when normal people are out their doing their every day business via cycling in some pretty testing conditions.


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