Australian women’s cycling website

In my browsing on the Bike Vic website, I found a women’s cycling section!

It has interviews with prominent women’s cycling, fashion advice and a women’s riding forum.

I’m not sure I agreed with the tone of all the articles (some of them felt quite artificially ‘girly’ to me and even a touch condescending) with quotes like “I nod knowingly when other women discuss pedicures and laser hair removal even though I’ve never witnessed either procedure. Lasers just make me think of WTB Laser Disc Wheels, and I’d rather adjust my toe clips than paint my toenails.” and “I am not what many people might call a ‘normal’ girl.”

***rant warning*

I really hate quotes like this.  To me, it implies that to ride a bike well, or even to ride a bike at all is not, inherently ‘normal’ for a woman and that you need to be ‘special’ to be a rider.  I think this kind of thing, whilst well meaning, is really discouraging for ladies to ride, as it implies that women who ride bikes are not normal, or somehow more masculine (like that’s a good thing).

It is normal to ride a bike (for both sexes). I don’t need to ‘give up’ my femininity or somehow lose my second x chromosome by riding a bike.  I can wear a dress and ride a bike or ride my bike to a pedicure just as easily as I can hook round singletrack or load my panniers up for a tour.

Rant being over, there are some good articles on the website and some sections are well worth a look


1 thought on “Australian women’s cycling website

  1. Agreed! Exceptionalism (not like other women) used in the quote isn’t helpful and certainly doesn’t do anything to help promote cycling to women.

    The whole site does have a bit of an awful stereotypical tone. Lets review the links from the front page:
    * diamond rings
    * lip gloss
    * pearls
    * taming your locks

    Reads like a glossy magazine…….. Women all like beauty, make up, diamond rings, bling – lets give everything cycling to them that way!

    I’m certainly not saying that any of those things are bad and I’m sure these articles contain useful information and helpful tips. But the selling lines are awful and have little relevance to the cycling content.

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