Cycle, Recycle

Ever wondered what to do with the old clunky bike you have in the garage? Or the 4 saddles you went through to find the perfect one, the 3 sets of handlebars, or the rear cassettes that you’ve taken off your bike?

Cycle Recycle are a community group based in Marrickville, Sydney.  They take unwanted, unloved bikes, and get them into the hands of people that want, and need them.  A lot of these bikes need TLC and that’s where the bike club comes in.  People from the community that need a bike can come in on Monday nights, and get a bike.  They also learn how to fix the bike and get it into working order.  The skills that they learn in fixing up their own bike, they then pass on to others.


I think it’s a great idea.  Not only are they increasing participation in cycling, they are also helping people that may not otherwise be able to afford a bike access bicycles (without giving it to them directly), and in addition to this, it’s reusing bikes that would probably otherwise end up rusting in someone’s garage until they got put out in a council cleanup.

So, if you’re looking for something to do on a Monday night in Sydney, head down to Marrickville and lend a hand!


2 thoughts on “Cycle, Recycle

  1. There is (or was) a place like this in Brisbane: . But it seems they’ve gone in a different direction….. they used to put together bargain-basement bikes from donated bits and sell them off cheap, but looking at their website now, it appears they’ve moved upmarket (read: hipster). They also had a drop-in DIY workshop, I believe.

    I offloaded a few old steel clunkers on them a few years back. Hopefully they ended up doing some good for someone in need…

    • Thanks Phil – the cool thing about Cycle Recycle, is that everything is free. The bikes, the componentry and the advice. You just need to provide the labour.

      I’m hoping to make a night at the bike club a regular thing on my calender – probably will help my mechanical skills next time I need to cable tie a derailleur back together 🙂

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