Riding at night

So, I have to confess, I did something today that was probably not terribly safe.

I commute from home to the station, and then from the train station to work.  As it is summer in Sydney, it generally doesn’t get dark till 8.00pm, I haven’t really been bothering about lights.  I have these Knog lights as I like the way they look, and figured that they’d get me home.

So, after being held up at work today, it left me arriving the station to ride home in the dark. “No problems” I thought to myself, “I’ve got lights”.

First problem – A seat post rear light is not visible when you have a racktop bag.  Oops.  I transferred the light to my rear rack, but the narrowness of the rack meant that the light didn’t grip properly, leaving it pointing at my rear tyre (or the sky).

Second problem.  When Knog say it’s a “safety light” – I thought it meant that it wasn’t a light you should try and mountain bike with (as in a light that you needed to see by).  I thought it would be a light that was good enough to be safe on a well – lit road, however.  I was wrong.  I had 2 of these on the front, and a rear flasher, and I don’t think I was terribly visible – actually I felt very vulnerable.

The Knog lights are apparently visible for 600m which makes them legal. The RTA states that riders at night require:

A steady or flashing white light on the front of the bike that is visible for at least 200 metres.

A steady or flashing red light on the rear of the bike that is visible for at least 200 metres.

However, for me?  I’m going back to an old fashioned bolt onto the rack rear flasher.  Not to say these lights aren’t cool or useful though – they are going to adorn my rear triangle for some added decoration.


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