I Share the Road

James from the Toronto bike blog – The Urban Country has started a campaign for road safety called I share the road.

For as little as the postage cost ($1.50 CAD), you can get 10 x I Share the Road stickers in two sizes – large and small.  Small is a great size for chucking on the bike – on the fender, mud guard, seat post, racks.  Postage time to regional Qld was about 2 weeks.

I think I’ll be adding these stickers to our X-mas cards for our friends and family.

Below the cut is some photos of my stickers in action.  There has been one particular instance in the last two weeks where I wish I had the sticker to refer some drivers to.

On both my bikes.  The small sized sticker fits nicely on the back of the rack.

On the car – the large sized sticker.  I wish it was just a bit larger.


2 thoughts on “I Share the Road

  1. Perhaps it is not a problem of the sticker being too small, but the car being too big 😉

    I was originally going to go with 6″ stickers, but they turned out to be too big. Maybe 5″ would have been a better size.

    Thanks for the support!


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