Short Hiatus



Bike related impulse purchases

So, not much riding has been done due to the rain, the silly season, and general other priorities, however I did do some bike related purchasing:

I bought a pair of bike cufflinks for a friend:

Near Miss *Rant Warning*

I had the horror of a very close near miss this morning.  I was travelling in the left hand lane approaching a set of lights.  There were three cars queued in the right hand lane.  The first turning right,  the second and third going straight ahead.  The left hand lane was clear.  I’ve had trouble at these lights before, so about 50m before the intersection, I moved in to the centre of the left hand lane to take the whole lane and remain obvious.  The lights turned green before I needed to slow down, so, I continued on at normal speed. I’m very cautious in these situations so am on the look out for any indicators or signs that driver will make an unexpected manoeuvre.

The second car in the queue decided they did not want to wait for the first car to turn right and made a sudden swerve into the left hand lane with out indicating or even creeping forward first.  I had to brace my forearm on the passenger side door in order to not get pushed over.  The driver did not stop.

This was incredibly frightening and has made the top 3 of bad things that happened on the bike.

But the worst part was I told this story at my work safety meeting and was met with a person stating that they don’t look for cyclist because they don’t expect them.  How in your right mind can you state in a safety meeting that you blatantly don’t follow the road rules.  And therefore don’t really care if one of you injure or kill one of your colleagues as a result.

Rockhampton Cup on Wheels

Over the weekend, I went to the Rockhampton Cup on Wheels track cycling meet.  I hadn’t been to a meet before.  It was run by the Rockhampton Cycling Club and attracted both local, interstate and international competitors to the event including special guest Anna Meares.

If you haven’t seen much track cycling before, it is kind of like the last stage of the Tour de France where they are doing the laps of the Champs-Élysées before hitting the sprint finish but inside a sloping closed circuit track.  So pretty much just the most exciting bits.  I had watched track cycling on TV before but seeing it in “real life” is much better.  They go really fast!

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New bike!

So did I buy a new bike from Omafiets?  Umm… well… yes.  I did.  So, let me introduce the new toy to you – my touring bike.  She’s a Giant Trekking bike (something that there doesn’t seem to be much info on).  Chromeolly frame, mudguards, trekking bars, grip shift, dynamo hub, front and rear racks… you get the drift.  tourer

It’s even got a sprung Brooks leather saddle – something I’ve wanted for forever, but decided didn’t belong on my road bike.  Here though, it’s perfect!


I’ve never ridden a bike with a trekking bar before, so it should be good fun.  I’m hoping the combination of the lots of hand positions, along with the steel frame will help to alleviate my numb hands on long rides that I currently experience when I ride my aluminium, flat bar tourer.

I’m hoping she’ll be perfect for packing panniers and hauling a trailer/recumbent tagalong (Phil, Jen, I hope you’re reading this) Smile.