Rockhampton Cup on Wheels

Over the weekend, I went to the Rockhampton Cup on Wheels track cycling meet.  I hadn’t been to a meet before.  It was run by the Rockhampton Cycling Club and attracted both local, interstate and international competitors to the event including special guest Anna Meares.

If you haven’t seen much track cycling before, it is kind of like the last stage of the Tour de France where they are doing the laps of the Champs-Élysées before hitting the sprint finish but inside a sloping closed circuit track.  So pretty much just the most exciting bits.  I had watched track cycling on TV before but seeing it in “real life” is much better.  They go really fast!

The events were nicely spread out by both age group and event types with the commentator giving a run down and running update on what the event was about and who the competitors were.  This was particularly helpful in complicated events like the madison and keirin.  I thought this was an excellent touch for those who weren’t savvy (like myself) with all the rules and regulations of each event.  As there are quite a few state, national and world title holders both past and present, the standard of competition was excellent.

There was a good range of both skill level and age groups on display.  The youngest competitors only seemed 6 and were the cutest on their bikes.  There was also a good range of gradings for adult events so you could see fairly normal people competing in their chosen sport.  Obviously, once you hit the A grade level, we were watching local legends, title holders and visiting competitors.  These cyclists were hitting speeds of up to 66km/hr!  None of the events are particularly long (15-20mins max), so it isn’t a large time investment and the events are fairly action packed, so you don’t have time to get bored.

If you like watching cycling or enjoy fast paced sports with exciting finishes, I’d recommend going and watching a track cycling meet.  It was a great evening out of cycling, excitement and a friendly atmosphere.


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