Near Miss *Rant Warning*

I had the horror of a very close near miss this morning.  I was travelling in the left hand lane approaching a set of lights.  There were three cars queued in the right hand lane.  The first turning right,  the second and third going straight ahead.  The left hand lane was clear.  I’ve had trouble at these lights before, so about 50m before the intersection, I moved in to the centre of the left hand lane to take the whole lane and remain obvious.  The lights turned green before I needed to slow down, so, I continued on at normal speed. I’m very cautious in these situations so am on the look out for any indicators or signs that driver will make an unexpected manoeuvre.

The second car in the queue decided they did not want to wait for the first car to turn right and made a sudden swerve into the left hand lane with out indicating or even creeping forward first.  I had to brace my forearm on the passenger side door in order to not get pushed over.  The driver did not stop.

This was incredibly frightening and has made the top 3 of bad things that happened on the bike.

But the worst part was I told this story at my work safety meeting and was met with a person stating that they don’t look for cyclist because they don’t expect them.  How in your right mind can you state in a safety meeting that you blatantly don’t follow the road rules.  And therefore don’t really care if one of you injure or kill one of your colleagues as a result.


3 thoughts on “Near Miss *Rant Warning*

  1. Sheesh! Glad you’re ok! I really think people in Brisbane are getting better at sharing the road – this goes for both motorists AND cyclists. At least in the ‘burbs, I’ve seen cyclists behaving a lot more sensibly lately as well as the motorists being better at allowing more room and actually looking out for cyclists.

  2. Ow. As Jen said, glad you’re OK!

    What was the reaction from the others in the meeting when your co-worker came up with that?

    A while back I bought a little tiny car-remote-shaped video camera to mount on my handlebars. It takes about 45 minutes of video on a charge. Sure, it won’t help me to avoid getting hit, but it might make it easier to identify who to go after if something does happen.

    Of course, I never remember to use the thing. Maybe this is my reminder to go and charge it up….

    • Thanks for your concern, guys.

      Very few others at work have ridden a bike as an adults and certainly none do on a regular commuting basis, so, plenty of people came up with “you weren’t visible enough”, “have you considered fluro / more reflectors / flashing lights”, “ride at a different time when it is less busy”, “time to drive to work instead”. So, well meaning but shouldn’t be necessary and aren’t practical. In general, they are sympathetic but really there is a bit of an undercurrent of victim/cyclist blaming.

      I do have a mini cam for my bike/helmet from the time I got harassed but with all the rain and storms around lately, I haven’t been using it as I doubt it is waterproof.

      I’ve had a rough last week on the bike with one almost dooring, a driver failure to give way at a stop sign almost getting T-boned and then this incident. All on the same non-main road with 2 schools on it. Might be time to change the route back to the main roads.

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