My New Year Resolutions

Apologies I have been quiet for quite a while.  Life, holidays and other pursuits (read skiing here) caught up with me, and I have been sorely neglecting my writing.

So, since Nat has given her New Year resolutions, I suppose it’s time to put my cycling resolutions down into the permanence of print.

1. Ride more.

Well this one is easy to explain I suppose.  I want to ride more kms, more often, wherever and whenever I can.  Don’t care where, or on what bike.

2. Ride more with new people

I tend to ride with the same people, all the time.  I want to meet more people, using my bike as a vector.

3. New places, new routes

Again, I tend to ride the same routes over and over again.  I admit they are great routes, but I want more variety in my riding – explore new places, ride new rides.

4. Write more

Well, I suppose if I ride more, I’ll have more to write about!


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