London Riding

So, I did a quick trip to London last week, so thought I’d share a couple of my photos. (bike related of course)


Yup, of course I did another jaunt on the shared bike programme.  Yes, it was still good, and the motorists were still friendly.  One thing I did notice, however was that it was definitely more difficult to navigate around a strange city on a bike than it is on foot.  Firstly, as it’s hard to navigate traffic with a map in one hand. Secondly, because everything happens faster, and lastly, simply because it is not always that simple to make a u-turn when you’ve gone past the road you want to (particularly in the city where there are lots of one way streets).  I feel as if the bike programme really works best for a short trip where you know where exactly you are going.



This is a paramedic transport bike I saw at Heathrow airport.  As the airport is so big, I think a bike would make the perfect paramedic vehicle.  Quick, able to carry stuff easily, and easy to get around – super cool!


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