Cycling and the Qld State Election – Response from The Australian Party

This is the first response I got from my letter, that I e-mailed to all candidates for my electorate in the Qld State Election.  This response is from The Australian Party.

Well, the first thing that could be said is that the candidate didn’t muck around.  I received a response within 9hrs of sending out the e-mail.  The only changes I have made are removing the names of people mentioned and specific place names.  These have been underlined.

Thank you for your email

Our first priority is our electorate, listening and working with yourself and organisations to achieive the best outcomes, for our electorates. We have a set of Core values and Principles and i feel that the issues that you have raised would be covered in our core value amd principles No. 10, They can be found on our Website

I am very pleased to hear from someone in the cycling fraterinty being born and raised in Municipality, you are right we have produced some amazing cycling people and achievements. Although i haven’t had contact with them for some time two friends and former work collegues of mine were very passionate about their cycling and as the MP they would be people i would be seeking their views and expertise on matters concerning the improvements we can make, for cycling in Municipality. You may know these two blokes, Person 1 and Person 2, I know these blokes would certainly have an input.

I am booked up for the rest of this week, but after the 10th of march feel free to contact me and if yourself or anyone else would like to see me on any issue i will be happy to meet and discuss this and any other issues.

So, on to the criteria.


2 Points – it is definitely written by a person, spelling mistakes and all.


0 Points – doesn’t mention any of my issues.   I thought about this for a while because he does mention Number 10 in the principles document for their party.  But I feel this is a bit of a cop out.

Number 10:

Australians must have the freedom to pursue outdoor recreational activities of their choice including hunting, shooting, fishing, boating, camping, 4-wheel driving, horse riding, rock climbing, and bushwalking without unnecessary limitations and restrictions.

This has nothing to do with commuter cycling or cycling as a transportation method and has nothing to do with the issues I mentioned.  I also searched their site for “bike, bicycle, riding, cycling” just to make sure I hadn’t misread.  There was no mention.


0 Points – Both in the e-mail and the referred website contain no cycling policy.


1 Point – Had obviously read my letter, at least the first paragraph but made no attempt to care about my issues.  They did make effort in which I could meet them to discuss further.

Total: 3 Points


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