Cycling and the Qld State Election – Response from Media Identity Independent

This is the second response that I got from my letter that I e-mailed to all candidates for my electorate in the Qld State Election.  This response is from an ex popular media identity running as an independent candidate.

The response was received 20hrs after my e-mail.  No changes have been made.

Thank you for your email.

I hear where your coming from re:Cycling/cars/pedestrians etc, it hard to get a balance between them all at times but I think with better inter-departmental co-operation and planning most of the associated problems can be over-come , having said that though I think there will always be the ‘us V them’ attitude sometime between the different road users.

If elected it is my aim to work with (all) the interested parties so hopefully we can (all) use our roads in a safe manner !

I hope this gives you some idea of what I’m about regarding this issue.

On to the scoring:


2 Points – Obviously written by a person.  Mega sentence of doom!


1 Point – This one barely scrapes through.  They do mention planning and sharing/co-operation which I did mention in my letter but this is really by the skin of the teeth.


0 Points – doesn’t mention any initiatives or policy.


1 Point – only because they read my letter.  If I was awarding negative points, the “us vs them will never go away” attitude is not helpful.

Total: 4 points by the books.  But I feel a 3 or 2 could have been warranted if negative and half points were allowed.


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