New Brooks Flyer S Saddle

I have just bought a Brooks Flyer S leather saddle from Pedal and Thread in Adelaide.  I had been umming and ahhing over getting a leather saddle for a few months and finally decided to jump in.  The exceedingly rainy weather here has been a bit of a deterrent with rain being a bit of a no no on leather.

The decision on which saddle to get was fairly straight forward with the B17 the most recommended model for touring.  The Flyer is the same saddle as the B17 except with springs.  The usefulness of these springs seems a bit controversial but I really like the look and don’t care about the extra weight.

The saddle feels beautiful to the touch and has that great leather smell.  It is approximately the same size as my old saddle.


Saddle plus accessories

Applying Proofide

On the bike

So, my first ride on the saddle was the commute to work.  It is a lot more slippery than my previous saddle and certainly a lot firmer.  The saddle will apparently take about 1000km to break in which will probably take me about 3 months if I only commute and don’t got for any additional rides.  So, I have a fair bit of firmness to endure before getting to the sweet spot.

I will probably end up buying a saddle cover to keep the rain off.


3 thoughts on “New Brooks Flyer S Saddle

  1. Springy saddle, and yet you kept that old suspension seatpost? Tsk, tsk. 🙂

    Looks good though. I’ve always admired the Brooks saddles!

    • Hahaahhahahahahahah. Well! A lot of reviews say the springs are too stiff to actually do anything. Most recommend just getting a B17 with a suspension seat post for dampening. I’ve just got the best of both worlds! 😛

  2. The series titled “How they make things” featured the Brooks. Very interesting to see how much labour went into the manufacture of the saddle, which could explain the cost of the seat.

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