Shame on Herald Sun – Cyclist with Baby. It’s normal!

The most popular article on the HS today is a photo of a female cyclist transporting her child around in a manner she sees fit.  A normal and natural way to get around.  An acceptable, non-event pretty much anywhere else.

But, unfortunately, the HS has written a vile article calling this person the most irresponsible woman in Victoria and stating some irrelevant and generalised stats that don’t even back up this claim.  A bit rich…….  The disgustingly overly dramatic “child’s life at risk”, “life threatening situation” makes it seem like this perfectly normal activity of transporting yourself and your child to your destination is certain death for even thinking about such a thing.

Cycling is safer than walking and much safer than driving.  This person’s actions wouldn’t have even been cause for a second glance internationally.  Why have we allowed car culture to permeate every pore of our being so that the only perceived “safe” way to transport children is inside a tonne of metal?

I would also like to make a special mention of the person who took the photo “Melanie, 39”.  It seems to me that they have taken this photo whilst operating a motor vehicle, from my understanding of the road rules, an illegal act that has the potential to kill someone!  Don’t see a huge write up about that one!

What is up this week, Major Newspapers?  Your coverage of cycling has been reprehensible this week with several terrible anti-cycling articles.


2 thoughts on “Shame on Herald Sun – Cyclist with Baby. It’s normal!

  1. And the paper just goes ahead and makes this embarrassing debacle worse. The HS is now urging people to contact crime stoppers with the identity of the cyclist and reporting that a foundation for supposed “safe cycling” is going to use it as a poster on what not to do. Really?

    The whole thing is just ridiculous. I hope the person involved sues for libel.

  2. That looks safer then hauling the kid around in a trailer (bumps on a non-suspension trailer = baby’s brains knocking around, and as safe or safer then a child carrier on the back or front of the bike (whose mounting brackets might break)

    How it is now, the only way the kid can really be injured is if she falls off the bike, and give the real statistics, that’s very unlikely.

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