NSW cycling policy

I had a bit of a flick through the NSW cycling policy.  Interesting facts

– 42% of Sydney households own at least 1 bike, but only 0.7% of people cycle to work

– the overall share of bike trips has remained relatively constant from 2001

– of all the capital cities in Australia, Sydney has the lowest % of bike trips to work and the lowest % of people who are regular cyclists

– there is policy in place to encourage cycling at every level of government

The thing I found most interesting, however is the policy recommendations (and the status of them in Sydney). 

Some of the recommendations seem so far out of what I can imagine the City of Sydney promoting (eg car-free Sundays on certain roads), policy that the motorists are assumed to be responsible for accidents, and courts and police that actively protect cyclist rights that I find it laughable.  However, what I think it highlights, is that all these changes require real will from our governments to happen.  They require funding, and planning, and require a systems approach – not just an ad hoc slapping down of a painted cycleway here and there, which connects to nothing, is mostly pothole and gutter and doesn’t go anywhere.

If you are interested, the entire policy is here.

I’ll post more on it later


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