We looped the lake

So my apologies for not wrapping this up earlier ,however a few weeks ago, I did Loop the Lake at Lake Macquarie.  A fantastic event (super casual), that was organised by Rotary.  You just pretty much turned up, and rode.  No official start, and no timing chips – it felt just like a ride with (lots of) friends. So here are some photos from the ride



The event was well signed, with plenty of “look out for riders’ signs along the route for the entire weekend.


Super well organised, with car parking marshalled by the Rotary volunteers.


No official start time meant no starting gates, corralled with 5000 other riders, and no mad dash to get over the line.  It was a very casual roll out.



Fruit and muffin stop


Picturesque lake views along the way – I was tempted to stop for a swim, but decided that riding the rest of the way with wet knicks probably wouldn’t be all that fun.


Rolling out of the lunch stop, Gillian got a flat thanks to some loose gravel



We looped the lake!


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