Cycling with Makeup

I’m a complete make up novice.  Some how, when learning about all that stuff in the teenage years, I completely missed the boat.  So, now as an adult, I’m fudging my way through.  I don’t typically wear make up in my day to day life but there are certain occasions when I felt it would be an appropriate thing for me to do.  I’m sure many others have successfully tackled riding with make up but this is my take on it.

I had a friend’s wedding coming up and so, as not to look like a clown or like a child who has gotten in to the parents’ stash, I decided to do a few trial runs putting on make up and wearing it to work.  As many of you know, my trip from home to work is about 8km of fairly flat riding.  Of course, when I decided to do this trial, it had to be one of the most rainy (100+mm) and humid (most days over 80%) weeks my area had in ages.  Temps were around 25°C mark.  So, I felt I gave the make up a good longevity trial!

The findings!

So, I would typically get ready as usual and then put on my race face (make up) for the day then get on the bike.  My make up consisted of foundation, eye shadow, lip stick, finishing powder.  No very challenging but, hey, I’m a beginner!

  • Take it easy.  Nothing kills the make up like sweating it off.  Ride casually and allow yourself some extra time.  It’s not a race, it’s getting to your destination.  For me, it is never the actual ride that is hot but when you stop and don’t have the air flow cooling you off, the sweat starts.
  • Carry a handkerchief or similar to blot away that sweat.
  • Take a repair kit to make adjustments as needed at your destination.
  • Pressed powder is the bomb.  Both to hide the shame of my terrible job and to patch up anything that became unseemly once I got to my destination.  It also did a good job of absorbing (?) a small amount sweat.
  • Wetwipes.  One trip, it poured down rain (50+mm in one day) and I just had to give up on it and start again.  Nothing can survive that!
  • If you have compulsory helmet laws, consider a helmet with a brim.  This kept a lot of rain etc off my face.

Apart from the write-off 50+mm day, I found my make up lasted surprisingly well on the journey and often needed no patching up when I got to the office.  I was quite astounded by this result!  This even included days when it was somewhat raining on the way.

I wont be wearing make up every day to work (as a personal choice) but it is good to know that the stuff is much more hardy than I gave it credit for.  And it will always be there for that next big event and I can arrive in a manner closely resembling the way I left home.

Love to hear your bike commuting make up tips in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Cycling with Makeup

  1. Gee thanks WordPress, for eating my comment 😛

    What I wanted to say was that the stay-on-ness of foundation makeup depends largely on the brand you use – some are much better than others. I generally wear mineral powder foundations now, as they’re lighter and tend to stay put even if I’m doing some kind of activity. I can also highly recommend the Revlon Colourstay eyeshadows. Waterproof mascara is also a must if I’m spending time outside.

    I’d also suggest a lipstain instead of a lipstick – the colour is designed to last all day without smudging or wearing off. I sometimes find it feels a bit dry after a while, so I usually apply Chapstick over the top. I don’t have to worry about the Chapstick messing up the colour.

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