Day 3 – Auckland to Orere Point (revised from Miranda Hot Springs) 81km

Another sunny and hot day.

Some how the rookie, who has never been to the North Island (me), got the job of navigating through maze of streets out of Auckland. With only 1 check of the map, we made it though the 25km to get out of town.

First stop was at 35km at Whitford where we had second breakfast at a fantastic cafe. Bill ate the last muffin much to my chagrin. But they had one of the best ice coffees I have ever had.

Next up we had a short 6km detour down the wrong road which Rich picked up after some signage said the next town was 23km when it should have been 10km. So after some back tracking and back on the correct road, we hit a brutal short, steep hill in which I had to have multiple rests and may have had a misty eyed moment.

In to Clevedon for lunch at 50km, we decided we weren’t going to make it the further 60km to Miranda Hot Springs. 110km was probably a bit much for the first day! A revised few options were floated.

Afternoon tea stop was at Kawakawa Bay. We made an attempt at a swim but we’re easily deterred by the rock and oyster beach. Bill made it in but cut his foot. Snacks were eaten and an dinner supplies bought from the local “diary” (corner store) after advice from locals that nothing would be open at the destination.

One final fantastic hill of the day was about 150m gain over 2.5km though some beautiful bush. The other traffic was friendly and was waving us on.

We arrived in Orere Point for a total of 81km for the day and found the local shop was not only open but has much better fair.

A bit of a tough first day for some one who hasn’t been on the bike for 25 months!









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