Day 4 – Orere Point to Thames 74km

First up for the day was the foot hills of the last hill from the day before. Then a fantastic rolling decent down to the Shorebird Coast.

We were rolling along the beautiful coast of the Haurika Gulf viewing the rally of camper vans there to see the migratory sea birds. The Godwit sea bird is the main attraction from Siberia. Of course we had a quick stop in the Sea Bird Info Centre.

Next stop for the day was the Miranda Hot Springs, a huge volcanic hot pool. We left out bikes there while Bill’s old sailing mate, Max, picked us up and cooked us a delicious meal of muscles for lunch. His house had a beautiful view of the bay.

After lunch, we patronised the facilities at Miranda Hot Springs. They had two main pools. One a huge 50m warm volcanic pool and a hotter, smaller spa pool. We spent a good hour soaking and relaxing.

Back on the bikes for a flat and fast run in to Thames. At Thames, we split up. Bill heading the short gravel way over the ridge to spend some extra time with his mother. Richard and I continue up the Coromandel Peninsula.









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