Day 8 – Hot Water Beach to Whangamata 58km

Big decisions to be made this morning. A choice of 3 locations between 56km and 86km with varying degrees of facilities. The terrain for the day was going to be hilly with a strong head wind. The following day was going to be a fairly flat 90km if we chose the closest option. We opted for an easier today, hoping the mostly flat 90km would pass quickly.

We got going about 10:30am after another cooked breakfast. With only 8km.on on the clock, we had our first stop at Colenso cafe were Bill and Richard caught up with the owners. We had a great coffee frappe and a huge slice of awesome Pavlova. I wish I got a photo of it.

Then on a sugar high, we hit the first and largest hill for the day. A long but nice consistent gradient. We powered up.

Half way down, we stopped for twin kauris. Then only a few more km in to Tairua for lunch.

Rest of the a day was pretty hard going. The brutal gusty headwind was taking its toll. At times, we were only travelling at 15km/hr over very flat roads. Hot temperature didn’t make the going any easier. The final hill for the day was much easier than the first but the heat made it unpleasant.

We arrived in to Whangamata around 4pm. Bill went for a swim but I had seen too much sun and the surf looked quite rough.

Camp ground is a bit shit and very busy. Probably because it is the weekend and this town is famous for surfing.

Hopefully, the wind dies down before tomorrow.






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