Day 10 – Mount Maunganui to Rotorua 85km

Beautiful start to the day with a 2.5km walk around the actual Mount Maunganui followed by a coffee at the locals favourite cafe. Back home we were treated to another great cooked breakfast. Our hosts have been just fantastic.

A late ish start, on the road at 10:30am.

Was a real team effort to get the km done today. First up, I took the lead while we were in town over some lovely beach front terrain.

First stop was in Te Puke. The juvenile in me thought the name was hilarious. We stocked up on some lunch supplies as well as scoffing down some sweet baked goods.

We then had a brief stop at a local cosmetics company and the boys stocked up on manuka honey skin products.

Next Bill took the lead and led us over a 4km climb – the most sustained of the day. At the top, I put some tunes and and we rocked our way through the remaining km.

I took over for a good 20km of rolling hills before Richard brought us home for the last 15km at a break neck pace in to Rotorua

Weather was much better today. Overcast and even tried to rain. Temps were a bit cooler which made the going a lot easier.

Campsite is the best one yet with gorgeous modern facilities and it’s own hot pool! Will be utilising that!

Rest day tomorrow!









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