Day 12 – Rotorua to Taupo 86km

Finally! A change in the weather. We were greeted with a cool and overcast morning. It was trying to rain but really only succeeding to drizzle. Not enough to require any rain protection.

Had a few chores to do in Rotorua before we left which got us out at about 11am.

As is usual, first up for the day was a climb but it was very gradual and the pace was kept steady. There was a bit of a southerly headwind that was making itself know. Along the side of the road was a bike path which we used for a few km but it was much hillier and windier than the main road so we gave up on it.

A friendly roadie gave us a tip on some free mud pools that were just a short distance off the main road. This was our first stop for the day at around the 36km mark.

The hot boiling mud pool was about 45m across and was quite active. After spending some time there, we head to the near by service station for some food.

The next 40km were flat and fast as we went down a back road. Not much in the way of towns or facilities. It was all dairy grazing and forestry. A few big trucks used the road bur everyone was friendly.

Last up, we were going to side trip to Huka Falls but it is was going to be a 12km one way detour. It is on the main road so we missed it.

The final climb of the day just before Taupo was easy but we were tired. Staying with friends of the boys tonight.

Got a hot tip about some free hot pools from some mountain bikers that we might check out.










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