Day 13 – Taupo to Tonganiro 80km

What a day. It should have been quite scenic and enjoyable. But, man, it was hard work. The day was strong headwinds all the time. What would have been a scenic partial circumnavigation of the huge Lake Taupo, just was a hard slog all day

We were out by the crack of 10:30am and on to the road. I was feeling quite sick so the day was going to be a challenge.

Bill wanted to push 100km today to get to Whakapapa to gain a day on the trip. I was fairly unkeen on this idea as I wanted to split it in to a big day and a small day so we could spent some time alpine at Mount Ruapehu. Anyway, we decided to only do the shorter route and call it splits so Bill would be a day ahead and skip the mountain.

First opportunity to eat was at 36km at a small roadside cafe. Up until that point, the route had followed the lake and was quite beautiful. After a second breakfast, we headed on to Turangi.

At Turangi, we got some local intelligence on the road choice ahead. The steep but 8km shorter or the main longer road. The info centre lady was a roadie and recommended the longer route. We stocked up on two days worth of food and got back on the road.

The last 30km was a long, headwind infested slog with a long 5km climb at the end of the day. It was unpleasant.

Getting in to camp was a relief from the incessant wind.








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