Day 19 – Eketahuna to Greytown 65km

It was a grey, overcast, coolish morning that greeted us. Even seemed like a threat of rain but never eventuated. We had a slow start to the day eating an extensive breakfast before getting started.

With not many km left on the trip, we took the opportunity to check out a local bird life sanctuary. It is a large area that has had the predators removed and kiwis re released. They also have a captive breeding program for some of the threatened bird life.

We went straight to the Tuatara feeding. It was fairly unexciting. But the lizard was cute but mostly uninterested in moving, even to eat. In the same building was the famous white kiwi and another juvenile kiwi cage mate.

From then we went on a walk around the park to various captive bird aviaries featuring some of NZ’s famous and endangered species – Kaka, Tui, Blue Duck, Kokako, Kakariki, Hihi.

We then had some lunch at the cafe. Then went to the long finned eel feeding.

Back on the bikes, it was a fast 40km in to Masterton for a snack. The cafe owner suggested pushing on to Greytown instead of the closer Carterton.
Arriving at camp, we set up and then went to quite a fancy pub for $20 stone grill steak.







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