Day 21 – Upper Hutt to Wellington 50km

The final day of riding!

A leisurely and fast ride down the Hutt Valley. The terrain was all down hill and we followed a major back road that was mirroring the train line down to the harbour.

First stop was at 30km for a pie and milkshake by the water. Then on to the bikeway along the harbour front. The bikeway left a lot to be desired with a lot of vegetation overgrowth and unexpected holes and obstacles. From there, we were directed away from the water on to a side road with the bikeway on the footpath. It was an awkward and uncomfortable ride.

Once in to the city centre, we stopped at te papa – the national museum. We split up. Bill went on a self guided mission. Richard went on the official tour and I went to the Game Masters exhibition. We all sunk a good 2.5hrs.

Then it was in to peak hour traffic with the panniers on a 9km up hill ride to a relative’s house. What a mission. Some of New Zealand’s finest were in attendance as we tried navigate the winding roads and constant climbing. But we made it with only 1 minor incident – I dropped the chain on a particularly good busy hill.

Then after meet and greet, we showered and went to the pub for celebratory beer and pizza.

1230km and 73hrs of riding done!








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