Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Sorry, no good excuses, just sheer laziness.

However, I have been out and about. Last weekend, I flew to Brisbane, and hopped on a bike for a short cycle tour.  We had a great combination of bikes – a tandem, a steel framed tourer towing a BOB trailer, a flat bar roadie, and a hard tail mountain bike.

 We loaded our bikes, and headed out from Taringa. We rode through UQ, over the bridge and wended our way down Old Cleveland Road towards Cleveland, making it to the ferry with enough time for a coffee at the ferry terminal before boarding the ferry to Stradbroke Island.   

Waiting for the ferry (sorry about the bins in the shot)

Waiting for the ferry (sorry about the bins in the shot)

The ferry ride was a very comfortable 45 minutes, with a cafe on board.  It cost us $30 return (including the bikes), which was a far cry from the $150 it costs to take a car across!  It was a beautiful day to be on the water.  Flat seas, blue skies, and we even saw dolphins.

Beautiful weather!

Beautiful weather!

The ferry dropped us off at Dunwich, on the westerly side of the island, leaving us about 20kms to ride to reach our campsite at Point Lookout. The going was hilly, however traffic was light and the drivers were all supportive.

We arrived at the campsite at about 2.00pm, giving us enough time to set up camp, and have swim. The campsite was right on the beach, which certainly made for convenient swimming!

IMG-20130706-00161 IMG-20130706-00162


The next day, we ventured out to a cafe for breakfast, then had a look at Point Lookout where we were lucky enough to see whales and dolphins. It was then time to ride back to Dunwich, and head back on the ferry.

Whale watching

Whale watching


Waiting for the ferry

We decided on a slight change of plans, and took the train from Cleveland back to Roma St where we rode home.

Great weather, good riding, good road surfaces and really fantastic traffic.  In addition to this, having the bikes on the island made it super convenient for getting around.  All in all? A great trip.