Day 6 – Lorne to Torquay

Last day on the Great Ocean Road. A bit sad really. Forecast weather was cold and windy with rain.

Utilising the tourist town vibe, we went for a coffee and fruit bun first thing before breakfast. Because the cockatoos and king parrots have been fed by visitors, they are unusually game and a bit of a pest stealing food. We had to guard our breakfast as we ate it.

Another trade mark 10:30am departure as we made our way eastward. The traffic has definitely increased and was quite noisy at times. Terrain was similar to the previous day with rolling hills as we passed the headlands.

First major stop was at the memorial for the people who built the Great Ocean Road. It was used as a assimilation project for returning soldiers post the war.

Next was the Aireys Inlet Spit Point Lighthouse then some lunch. From there, we continued on to Anglesea before turning off the road to head to Bell’s Beach. The break from the noise and bustle of the highway traffic was much needed although the shoulder was quite big and driver behaviour typically good.

Not much was happening at Bell’s but we did find a fantastic direct gravel bike path to Torquay. This 7km of infrastructure was great fun and convenient.

As we arrived in Torquay, we said our good byes to Bill with an ice cream as he head onward to Geelong to catch a train back to reality tomorrow.

Thankfully, the forecast rain never eventuated even though the wind was very chilly at times.










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